If I Can’t Fix my addict…

Each of us comes to the place when we realize we can do nothing to fix our addicted loved one. There is no amount of love that we can pour over them or into them that will magically take away the addiction. If there was our loved ones would all be healed from this maddening disease in very short order.

I know I certainly tried and lost precious time, sleep, joy, peace, and belongings. Never mind emptying myself of energy and love. Once the light dawned on my ‘marble –head’ I was able to see why I was so full of despair all the time. When you are giving all you got to another human being who does not have the capability to receive it, because addiction renders them unable to, it will exhaust you, depress you, and has the potential to drain you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s bad enough that my addicted love one is bankrupt in each of those areas… I cannot allow myself to be as well.

So that’s the big question here… I’m a parent, a mother; I’m a nurturer by heart.

How do I let go of my NEED to fix?

One of the first things I did was to recognize that my God loves my son more than I do. And I literally “lifted my son up to Him”.

Imagine if you will the moment in the movie “The Lion King”, when Rafiki raised Simba to the sky…

well that’s what I basically had to do with my son. I prayerfully every morning do that. Knowing that God has a plan for my son keeps me sane, and fills me with peace.

The peace is awesome, but what about the energy, the drive I am still filled with to do something about this…

I use that energy to write, to fight and to bring Awareness to my Community about what this disease is doing to our loved ones. By fighting I mean doing what I can to help keep funding for treatment centers, emailing my Senators and Representatives making them aware at all times what this epidemic is doing to the people they represent. In order for them to Vote wisely we need to let them know. Being willing to be a voice in our Communities, having the courage to step out in the light and say:

“Hi my name is Susan and I am the mother of an addict” .

I am willing to be a face and a voice to help remove the stigma, bring awareness, and most importantly to share a way to peace out of the pain and shame. I can’t fix my son, but I just might be able to fix something about addiction.

6 comments on “If I Can’t Fix my addict…

  1. Anonymous says:

    “It is easier to find some type of peace when you let go of the “fix it” mentality.

    Spoken from experience.”

    Ron Grover
    Dad and Mom

  2. I did a double take when I saw the title on your post today …

    IF ? ….you are smarter than that. Then I read on…

    You are using your “energy” wisely..advocating for our addicts! God knows they need it as no one else will advocate for our “Junkies” ( their term not mine )

    Keep up the good work! and heed Ron's advice

  3. yaya says:

    God can't work with what we won't let go of.

    Once the truth of that settled in, I was able to honestly Let Go and Let God.

    For me that happened about 4 years ago. My son's been clean for 3+ years. I wore myself out for years trying to do God's job. Blocking God's plan at every turn, all the while missing out on the His peace.

    God Bless

    • kris says:

      Yaya….that is what my grandchildren call me…I wasnt ready to be a grandma, or grammy and not even close to a nana! Congrads on your sons journey…let go and let god…its something my awesome husband said to me daily…and until I let my son go….did he get on the path he’s on today…thanks for your share.

  4. kris says:

    Hi my name is Kris and Im the loving , crazy mom of a addict. ❤ thanks Susan….

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