Guest Post today from my Dear Friend at Addiction Journal….

Thankful for Addiction – The gifts of recovery

November 23, 2011

I have received many gifts from my son’s addiction to heroin.

I have met many great friends across this nation ( & Canada) that are all at different points in their journeys. I wish all of their families peace and strength.

I have been taught that each of the families in this addiction war can only be shown the “water” and not forced to drink. We all drink at far different speeds. Those of us further along in our recovery can only “pass the water bottle”.

We as parents all approach our battles in different ways. There are no absolutes in our recovery or that of our addict child.

To invite your active addict to sit at your holiday table is a very personal choice. I made my choice years ago. However it was only my choice and may not work for other families. Again we are all different.

Tomorrow my son will join me at the Thanksgiving table. With over two years of recovery he is in a far better place than he was when I first started my blog. I am thankful.

Although I have to work on my recovery and find myself “relapsing” at times the following is what I am thankful for:

His addiction taught me tolerance and forgiveness .

His addiction taught me that amazing gifts rise from the desperation.

He taught me that all people are truly different.

His addiction has taught me to tread carefully in the recovery world and investigate recovery as there are many smoke and mirror games played. The gift of experience and wisdom.

His addiction has brought sincere, amazing, beautiful spirits into my world. For those friends and mentors I am thankful.

His addiction taught me to be thankful for everyday. Forget about yesterday. Forget about what tomorrow might bring. Appreciate the “here and now”.

His addiction taught me to get off the roller-coaster of emotions and work toward leveling life’s playing field.

His addiction has taught me to Pay it Forward.

He has taught me to share my hope. There is always hope!

Happy Thanksgiving !


One comment on “Guest Post today from my Dear Friend at Addiction Journal….

  1. chris says:

    Plymouth House, in Plymouth, NH saved my daughter and our family. Anyone who has a child w/an addiction illness should check it out.

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