A Heart Warming Moment

Too often as parents of an addict we hear all about the bad parts of our loved ones.  We sit in court and listen to the charges brought against them, we listen to family members lament over how our addict has hurt them, stolen from them, abused them in some way.  Most of what we hear while they are on this rollercoaster ride is far from heartwarming.  We long to hear just one good word about them.

I was blessed to get such a word.

A few days ago my son called to say he was being moved to a transitional facility and he could take a few more of his things with him.  And he asked if one of us would bring them to him.  I was more than glad to get more of his things out from under my roof, so I said yes.

My husband took the 50 minute drive and when he entered the main office he was told “No drop offs until 4:00PM”  the woman behind the desk was quite firm.  As it was only 1:00PM.  My husband told this lovely woman behind the desk that our son was being moved soon and would need these things.  The woman behind the desk said “Unless he’s leaving today we can’t take it till 4:00PM, no exceptions”.  My husband told her he was scheduled to leave tomorrow.

In the next moment an angel entered the office.  (not an angelic being, but another woman who as far as I’m concerned could have been) She asked my husband who the belongings were for; my husband stated our son’s name and what she said has warmed my heart and will stick with this mother for days to come as it completely blessed my oft times weary soul in this journey as the parent of an addict.

She said; “Oh I’ll take those for him, we love your son he is such a leader here and I see such great things happening in him”.

I will hold onto this and use it to infuse and build my HOPE.

10 comments on “A Heart Warming Moment

  1. Touches my heart, can only imagine how it made you feel to hear these kind words of affirmation about your boy….

  2. wmelinda says:

    What a wonderful encouragement!! I’m continuing to pray for him and for you as he continues through the process. God bless!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    It’s always heartwarming to hear positive comments about our children – makes all the difference in the world…..:)

  4. Lee says:

    It’s funny how we can say what we want about them, but we as mothers NEVER want to hear negativity about then from others. I can remember when some family members would say to me, leave him alone, he’s a manipulator. He’s playing head games with you. Maybe your son took it!!!! Painful and causes anger. Oh how nice it would be to hear those occassional nice words. I can relate to your good warm feeling Susan. It’s also very encouraging, sounds like great progress is being made. I’m going to continue praying and I believe you will see awesome results. He has two awesome parents that love him. He’ll succeed.

  5. Sarah says:

    Thank you!!!!

  6. Erin says:


  7. Kris says:

    Its comments like that ….that we will never give up hope….we know who our children are …we have to were the moms!

  8. Barbara says:

    How encouraging and wonderful to hear those words!!!! We always have HOPE and it helps to get little reminders along the way of the GOOD things about our children.

  9. Lulu says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your HOPE with us. Sometimes it is so easy to feel like giving up. If your son can do it, so can mine.

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