The Life of a Nomad


From Wikipedia:

“A Nomad is a person who moves from place to place as a way of obtaining food”

“The word nomad comes from a Greek word that means one who wanders”

My addicted son is a Nomad.  He has no true place to call home anymore.   For nearly two years he found shelter in many places;

baseball dugouts

abandoned houses

makeshift tents in the woods

parking garages

occasional couches in other addicts homes

rehab surfing

and the like.

For almost 6 months he had a stable environment, he lived back at home, warm home, with three meals a day, a hot shower, laundry and plenty of company.  For two of those months he even had the pleasure of a new bed.

Yet his addiction and his old behaviors have yet to take the high road, so he lives once again as a Nomad.  This time he’s spent the last few weeks living in a car with a short reprieve of rehab surfing, and coming to rest in another person’s home.

Will this Nomad of mine finally trade his wandering in and begin a new life?  He says he’s ready… Only time will tell.

4 comments on “The Life of a Nomad

  1. Change says:

    You sound as if you have boundaries..good for you. This is never an easy road for the addict or for those who love them. I think we’ll never understand how they can get so low, but still feel comfortable enough not to change. For me even one night of being cold, let alone hungry, would make me change in a hurry. I guess the brain of an addict becomes so impaired, they move the bar lower and lower to the bottom over and over. I once believed the saying “those who wander are not always lost”, not anymore; I believe my daughter is lost even though I know she knows the way out. Stay strong and know what you are doing is giving your son the best shot to recovery.

  2. LLewis says:

    I pray he is ready!!!!

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