Are We There Yet?


Not a summer’s vacation can go by without hearing this phrase sung out from the backseat of every car headed out for a day at the beach or amusement park …

”are we there yet!!!????”  

I myself will often say this just as we are pulling out of the drive as we head off for our summer adventures.   To which my man will respond “yup, we’re there”.   We haven’t left the drive yet, but we are still there… we are always somewhere that is called “there”.

In my ‘momma’s heart’ I keep hearing myself say “are we there yet” in regards to my son’s recovery.  Has he gotten to the place I have been looking forward to him getting to?  Has he gotten on the other side of this thing called addiction?  To a place where he can live each day to its fullest without the need/desire to get high?

I see him nearly every morning, as I drive him to work.  His place of employment is just a few miles from where I work and it’s basically on the way.  Our daily commute has helped mend some of the broken places between us.  It has also given me a glimpse into how far he’s come down the road.  

Is he “there yet”… no, not really.  He’s still taking Suboxone daily to keep from using.  He’s still living in a rented room at a family friend’s house.  He’s still trying to come out from under all that got plowed under the rug.  But I have to keep telling myself, just as my man reminds me as we pull out the drive and I’m anxious to get to our adventure.., “he’s there”… he’s right there at the beginning of the new road.  Still taking another step in the right direction and for now that is his “there”. 

“Always live in the day”  a good friend of mine over at Addiction Journal has taught me. To see today’s joys, today’s moments of being “there” as the gift.  My son is in his spot of “being there”… and I will hold onto that!