10 Months Later


Recovery had always seemed like it was passing them by.  This mom often wondered if they would ever get here.  Not that here is a static place, its always moving and changing.  At some point about 10 months ago my son and his girl decided they were ready… that they didn’t want to live chasing a drug anymore.  Each one spent  5 days in a detox last October, and have continued walking in recovery.  It hasn’t been easy.  They chose to use methadone to help keep them from using.  That  coupled with daily accountability and counseling have brought them safely to 10 months (plus/minus) without using heroin.

Now I know there are many schools of thought regarding Sobriety and Being Clean.  And I have vacillated back and forth between all of them.  I guess  until you have been met face to face with someone living and succeeding through the process you can never truly know for sure how you will respond.  Our ideals as parents as to what Sobriety is suppose to look like to qualify as Sobriety is nearly a joke.  We aren’t the ones trying to beat this demon… I have become a firm believer that whatever it takes to stop shooting heroin into your body; be it Methadone, Suboxone, AA, Teen Challenge, Living in a Sober Community… fill in the blanks, whatever it takes is whatever it takes.  And once they have gotten some clean time under their belt, the rest will come.

Not six weeks after my son and his girl said enough was enough, they found out they were expecting. And on July 27, at 6:05pm our beautiful grandson was born.  My son and his girl have weathered a mighty storm, and have come out the other end head over heals in love with this sweet little boy and are determined to move heaven and earth to keep him safe.


This Momma (grandmomma)’s heart if FULL of love, joy and a bit of pride as I have watched my son become a dad.

10 months is a long time, not nearly long enough, but its beginning and its already producing fruit in his life.  For that I am glad.




7 comments on “10 Months Later

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    It gives much hope to this mother’s heart.
    Congratulations on this beautiful grandchild and getting your son back.
    No greater joy!

  2. renee says:

    Oh Oh Oh Wow! Congratulations and How beautiful! He is beautiful..did I say that already! I also have a grandson..he is 8 ..just turned on July 7th! He is beautiful also..and my son LOVES him deeply and is one motivating factor in his sobriety. Prayers going out for your family tonight. Give that little a kiss..and hold him up to the Father in heaven..He has good plans and a future and a hope for him, Amen? Jerm. 29:11-13.

  3. Ann Richardson says:

    Praise The Lord, I am so happy to hear this testimony. The Lord has done a big work in my daughters life, she has come back to him, through repentance from her heart. She has been sober 8 months, no drugs and has a job! We go to trial September 10th, in a fight for her children. Her husband has had a mistress(we live in Dallas Texas area, his mistress lives in Maryland. He wants to take full custody of the children and move them to Maryland as soon as possible. Please pray for mercy on Becky, her children and us…. I know the Lord is faithful, and will complete the work he has started….. Love to you, Ann Richardson, Arlington Texas…


  4. karon says:

    What a wonderful story. Prayers to you all!

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