I am the mother of an addict, who had to come to the place where I understood that I was enabling, and with that news firmly stuck in my heart, I began the process of letting go of my prodigal and letting God do what He had to do.

It is in that process I created my blog.  Walking through this journey as the parent of an addict I needed an outlet for my thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Although much of our journey’s as parents of addicts will look alike, we will each find our way down the road using different helps.  

For me, my faith in God and my walk with Him is what has carried me thus far.  You will find Him in each of my blog posts.  He has carried me, strengthened me, and has taught me endurance and given me Hope.  

I pray you find Hope your Journey. 


4 comments on “About

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Susan,
    It is an honor to connect with you. I am not sure if you read all of my posts, but I am a recovering alcoholic/addict. I will be C & S 40 years on April 1st…which is also my 57th birthday.
    You inspire me and I have a small closed group on Facebook and we are always sharing your posts. It’s called The Lemonade Stand. :o) We focus on whole life wellness….mind, body, spirit, relationships, etc..
    Thank you for sharing your journey and please know that I have had you in my prayers.

    Love & Huggz,

    • susanjsilva says:

      WOW, 40 years that my friend is an awesome accomplishment. Thank you for sharing my posts and seeing them as encouragement. It is my hope to help families as they struggle with the emotions and hard choices they face with loved ones that are addicted.
      Thank you for your prayers and warm support. I will keep you in mine as well.
      Standing with you in HOPE.

  2. Matt's mom says:

    Hi Susan,
    My son died at the age of 25 of an overdose. However painful his death was and is, one small but significant gift was left by him and meant for me. Two weeks before he died he said the strangest thing as I was moving him to his new apartment in Madison (he was going back to school); he said, “Ma, if anything ever happens to me I want you to find my journals. They will explain everything.” Well, I was stunned by this and probed hard. He would not divulge why he said this, and I couldn’t figure it out either as he was so on the up-swing: He paid all his fines, he saved a bunch of money after working three jobs concurrently, and he landed an apartment all on his own right close to the university. His best friend and secret love (one in the same) had just moved there too and lived just blocks away. She was continuing her schooling as well. I just couldn’t figure out the melancholy and foreboding request.

    Well, I have those journals and many other writings by Matt, which I decided needed to be read by others. I just this week started a blog–mydeadsonsjournals, where you can read them as I type them up. They might give you insight into what addicts do, think, feel, and need. I just can’t believe that these musings were only intended for my benefit.

    Thank you for this wonderfully detailed blog! I will be back many times.

    • susanjsilva says:

      I applaud your courage as you move forward with your new blog. I’m not even sure how best to say “I look forward” to reading it… but this mothers heart does. I want to learn as much as I can.
      Thank you for coming bye and know I will be stopping by your new blog as well.
      I wish you peace in your journey,

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