From the heart of a young Woman in Recovery

I have been working on two different posts, but I think its very important to share this young woman’s blog today.  As I was reading it this morning I was thinking… I need to ask her if I can put her on my blog as a guest post.  And there at the bottom she links back to me…

I think as parents of addicts we need to hear from people like Melinda… it will give us a fresh perspective and help us on our own road to Recovery….

Please read…

One comment on “From the heart of a young Woman in Recovery

  1. wmelinda says:

    Susan, I was a bit worried about that post, to be honest. Sometimes I’m afraid that I can come across as a little harsh when I don’t mean to. But after hearing stories of enabling lately I felt that i had to do it. I’m so glad that it touched you and honored that you would link back to my post. I pray that someone will in some way be helped and encouraged. And thank you my friend so much for your encouragement to me and the encouragement I know you are to others, as well.

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