It’s His Road Now


Last night I had the privilege to speak to the officer who arrested my son at my home over a month ago.  He happens to be a very lovely and kind spirited man.  As we spoke I thanked him for how he handled my son and the whole incident.

He said to me:

“You have a long road ahead of you with that one”

To which I replied

“Ah but it’s his road now”.

The beginnings of that road he found himself on over a month ago were pretty difficult.  And I assure you, it was hard for me too, while a snow storm that packed 22 inches of snow on my front lawn was falling on him as he slept in a car.  It’s not a road I chose for him, not a road I wanted him to have to endure or the road I thought he’d have to go down yet again.  But on it he found himself.

Since that time, he has found a room to rent, taking steps every day to stay clean, is applying for jobs and caring for himself and the girl he loves.  The road is a little less treacherous; the wintery weather is all but over, he has a bed to sleep in once again and three meals a day.

He though, is completely in charge of the road before him.  He will choose his destination, draw the map to get there and find the strength to pursue it.    No matter which direction he goes in; back down the road of drug abuse, rehabs and jails, or down a new road, one that will lead him to a healthy joy-filled life.

Either way…

It’s his road now.

3 comments on “It’s His Road Now

  1. LLewis says:

    Once again, your words have brought tears to my eyes. Thru my son’s road to recovery it was such a BIG thing for me as a parent to learn to quit enabling and helping them. But, oh boy when we finally get it. The load that is lifted off of our shoulders. I count my blessings every night. My son is nine months clean. But, it is good to read other peoples thoughts to remind us that it could change at any given moment. But, that is only left up to our children isn’t i?Thanks for sharing.

    • susanjsilva says:

      In an instant their lives can change. I sat with a friend last night who’s recovery has been solid for quiet some time, yet in their life are some things that could take it down. I am praying for all those I know that life circumstances will NOT change the good road they are on. I will pray the same for yours!

      Because of Hope!

  2. Erin says:

    I am so happy to hear this good news!

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